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Need For Speed: Unbound

In 2022, Electronic Arts (EA) enlisted the talents of Erindwia for a special promotional illustration project tied to the release of Need for Speed Unbound. As an accomplished artist, Erindwia's collaboration brought a fresh and captivating visual perspective to the promotional materials, capturing the essence of the game's high-speed thrills.

Her unique style and creative flair infused the promotional artwork with vibrant energy, resonating with fans and generating excitement leading up to the game's launch. Through this collaboration, Erindwia contributed her artistic expertise to enhance the overall marketing campaign for Need for Speed Unbound, drawing attention to the game's release and engaging fans across various platforms.

The release of Need for Speed Unbound, accompanied by Erindwia's visually stunning illustrations, marked a significant moment in gaming history, showcasing the power of collaboration to elevate promotional efforts and create anticipation among players worldwide.

Erin-EA-NFS Unbound-01.png
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