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Coca-Cola: Real Magic

In the Coca-Cola Eid Al-Adha 2022 Real Magic project, Erin Dwi, also known as Erindwia during her affiliation with The Different Folk, teamed up closely with Coca-Cola to elevate the celebration of Eid Al-Adha with unique and heartfelt initiatives. As an illustrator renowned for her distinctive style and creativity, Erin infused the campaign with warmth and authenticity through her work.

Facilitated by The Different Folk, Erin and Coca-Cola embarked on a mission to spread joy and unity during this significant occasion. From brainstorming sessions to the final execution, their collaboration was characterized by a shared commitment to crafting meaningful experiences that resonated with audiences.


Their collective efforts resulted in an enchanting campaign that captured the essence of Eid Al-Adha and the magic of sharing moments with loved ones. Through captivating illustrations, heartfelt narratives, and engaging digital content, they conveyed the spirit of togetherness and celebration.

This partnership not only celebrated the cultural significance of Eid Al-Adha but also reflected Coca-Cola's dedication to fostering connections and spreading happiness.

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