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Collaboration with Crocs: Come as You Are

In October 2023, Erin Dwi A, known as Erindwia, a celebrated illustrator, teamed up with Crocs, the renowned footwear brand loved for its comfort. Crocs, established in 2002, has become a household name with its versatile and cozy designs.

Together, Erin and the Crocs team collaborated to support the campaign "Crocs: Come as you are," promoting individuality and self-expression. From brainstorming sessions to refining designs, the collaboration has been a labor of love.

The result? A beautiful illustration and animation that embodies both Erin's unique artistic flair and the inclusive spirit of the "Come as you are" movement.

Furthermore, this partnership also resulted in a collaboration video that is being played across many Crocs stores in Indonesia, further spreading the message of self-expression and individuality.

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